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ABS Ring system work normal judgment

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ABS system work normal judgment

Whether the ABS system work at ordinary times normal, through static and dynamic method to determine:

(1) the static method: each open ignition switch, the system immediately to be tested to a static system dashboard

ABS warning lights and out in three seconds, and then hear electromagnetic valve circulation. Because the static test

Try do not produce wheel speed sensor signal, so even if the system through the static testing, there is no guarantee that a sensor

Device can work normally, also must pay attention to the results of dynamic test.

Example: confirm the ABS system at work (4 s / 4 m basic) :

(1) on the brake pedal.

2 open the ignition switch key;

(3) watch the dashboard: ABS warning lights and in three seconds out;

(4) and then heard electromagnetic valve circulation 10 times. (six times before for exhaust, order as follows:

After left front - left - right rear - right - left front and right rear - right & left after; After four times of the holding, according to the sequence

Time is: the left front - left - right rear - right front), if you hear the exhaust noise is not 6 times, or the order is wrong,

To check electromagnetic valve and the corresponding wiring harness;

7 -

The eastern electronic pneumatic ABS instruction manual

(2) dynamic methods:

Dynamic method 1: vehicle starting, ECU (electronic controller) receives and judging testing electric wheel speed sensors

Pressure signals such as speed of > 7 km/h, warning light is not bright, that sensors can detect, through dynamic work

Often; Such as the speed > 7 km/h, warning lights flashing, ABS system has fault.

Dynamic method 2: real-time monitoring. As long as after power on the ABS system, regardless of the car

Car is in static or moving the whole process of system fault monitoring have been working, real-time monitoring

The function of the system components circuit is normal. When the system has a fault in the whole process of vehicle, warning

Light shining regularly, can be read through its shiny state code, and then flash chart to determine the fault class

Type and fault position.

Dynamic method 3: by implementing emergency braking visual judgment:

Emergency brake: in a broad flat road sections and confirm regional security, the speed is greater than

40 km/h, emergency braking, the wheel should not lock; Observe the braking traces, such as no brake drag marks or

Drag marks is rule of that ABS system work; On the contrary, the ABS system function



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