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Fault diagnosis method for ABS Ring system

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Fault diagnosis method for ABS Ring system
The company provides the most convenient fault diagnosis method for you. "Flash code breaking table" and "ABS system in real time
Monitor interface concise, intuitive, simple operation, accurate diagnosis.
1, flash code diagnosis:
ABS system failure, ABS warning lights will be according to a certain rule, this rule of flashing
Flash code". "Flash code" is composed of two "flashing code": "flashing code" every time 0.3 seconds, a section
"Flash code" and another section "flashing code" interval between 1 seconds. In the first section, the "flashing code" indicates a fault phenomenon;
The second section "flashing code" indicates the location of the fault.
For example:
Flash code "3-4" said "right front wheel solenoid valve fault" ("3" is the first section of the flashing Code: "electromagnetic
Control valve fault, "4" is the second section flashing Code: said the fault location in the "right front wheel");
Flash code "4-2" indicates "left rear wheel sensor open circuit fault".
East instrument electronic air pressure ABS manual
Flash code table (4S/4M):
When there are many faults in the system, the system will only flash the smallest of the flash code.
After the failure of the fault will show another fault. After all the trouble is to be excluded, the warning light goes out automatically.
If the warning light is often bright, then check the wiring harness plug and socket ECU socket is inserted in place and reliable.
2, ABS real-time monitor diagnosis (optional)
Using the ABS system real-time monitor, the interface is simple and the fault information is intuitive, and it is simple to operate.
Single, fast diagnosis, accurate, and can display the fault information at the same time, the system can be observed in good
Good working condition or sub - health status at the edge of normal working state.
The first section of the flashing code second flashing code (fault location)


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