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If you want your ABS rings to last even longer

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Whenever you change the brake discs, it is good practice to brush any debris away from the ABS ring with a brush.As you can see, corrosion is minimal. This image was taken on a 6 year old car. It is likely that the wheel bearing will fail before the ABS ring resulting in replacement of the whole assembly.These are where problems are common. The rings are located on the rear driveshafts before they connect with the wheel hubs. They are very exposed to the elements and unfortunately weren't made of high quality material. In the following image, we have disconnected a driveshaft from the hub to show the extent of corrosion. You can see a clear brake where rust has built up under the ring and forced it to split. This will be transmitting an irregular speed to the controller as the car is moving causing the ABS light to come on constantly.

The only real solution is to replace the ABS ring or entire driveshaft. ABS rings are not available from smart but there are several companies online who can provide high quality ones with corrosion resistance built in.

To replace the ABS ring we recommend removing the driveshaft from the car. Information on how to do this can be found here.

Now that the ABS ring has cracked, it will remove from the drive shaft fairly easily. We found that forcing it open at shown broke any persistant rust patches.If you want your ABS rings to last even longer, you can corrosion treat the whole driveshaft. Use a suitable anticorrosion product (Waxoyl works). Don't use Hammerite as you'll find that it doesn't last. The following shafts were thoroughly clean and coated in a silver marine grade paint.

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